Unit: Mollusca 3 Class Caudofoveata

Classes Caudofoveata and Solenogastres

These two small classes are often combined by other authors to form the class Aplacophora. Both classes contain relatively few species. The Caudofoveata are aberrant molluscs which lack shells. They normally burrow in soft sediments and are quite common in the deep sea. The class Solenogastres is also very small. These animals also lack shells and generally live epibenthically i.e. on the surface of the substratum.

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Unit Contents
1 Introduction

2 Body structure

3 Class Caudofoveata

4 Class Polyplacophora

5 Class Monoplacophora

6 Class Gastropoda

7 Class Bivalvia

8 Class Scaphopoda

9 Class Cephalopoda

10 Key features

11 Taxonomy Table

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